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As we come to the end of our 8th year as Matador Mexican Cantina  I can’t help to think about the year that has passed.  This year has been a great year accompanied with some bad as well.  We started off the year strong and I feel our staff and our business is as good as it has ever been.  We had another amazing and fun Cinco de Mayo which brought us into another great summer.  Unfortunately, during this summer we made the decision to close our Glenwood Park location.  This decision was not done lightly and honestly broke my heart but I believe that it was the right decision and by doing so we have been able to focus on Oakhurst more and we are working everyday to try and make our Oakhurst restaurant better then it has ever been.

We have done some great charity events including 3 “House of Hope” carnivals contributing to getting shoes to those that need them in Haiti and also raising almost $2000 to “Relay for Life” and having a Matador Team at the walk in Oglethorpe University.  We hope to do even more in the year to come.  Thank you for being our loyal customers.

Jason C. Hylton

Owner/ Manager